Weed Control and Fertilization

Wishing on Dandelion Seeds for Your Weeds to Disappear?

Fix the problem by getting weed control services in Washington, Union, & Marthasville, MO

Nobody wants weeds in their yard, even if those weeds come in the form of something pretty like dandelions. If you're having trouble getting your weeds to go away and stay away, it may be time to turn to a weed control service.

Jake's Lawn Service serves clients in Washington, Union, Marthasville, MO and surrounding areas who need lawn treatments. You can count on us for broadleaf control, which targets weeds like dandelions and plantains. We even handle insect and grub control to prevent critters. Call 636-795-6323 now for a free estimate on weed control services.

You'll appreciate our thorough services

You'll want to be sure that your lawn is in good hands. When you count on us for lawn fertilization services, we'll...

  • Take a soil sample to learn how to best treat your yard
  • Eliminate existing weeds with post-emergent herbicides
  • Spray Pre-Emergent Herbicide to stop any new weeds from growing
If you want to elevate your yard even further, you can arrange for aeration and overseeding services after we've finished our lawn fertilization services. Consult a lawn care expert today about our full 6-step process.

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